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Have you ever asked yourself, when reading the Old Testament books in the Bible:


‘Where do I start?


How can I relate to all these Books, characters and events?


Is it even relevant for Christians today?”


Well, we have prepared a series of charts and studies to guide you through part of this instruction manual from God; our focus is on the books of Exodus through to Deuteronomy – which will hopefully open your understanding of the purpose of these books and reveal some very interesting analogies for Christians today.


Seeing the overview and structure of the books was revealing for us and helped clarify the events, times and story flow thus opening an understanding which we didn’t have before, and we hope, it will help you too.


We used a popular Bible Commentary chapter index to present the outline of each book, which you will find references to in the study, and are also presented in chart form. It does help that you are familiar with the content of Exodus through to Deuteronomy before doing this study.


(You can familiarize yourself with these books here: The first five books of the Bible in a nut shell )


These are the Books that contain the ‘plan of God’ which you will see relate incredibly to the walk of a Christian. This is no idle thought as events in our life in Christ have always got an analogy recorded in the Old Testament for our reference and edification today.


So- what has all this to do with the Covenants?


A Christian life is a Covenant with God. The Bible is the handbook of the Creator to those who choose to follow His instructions. In the Bible God reveals His plan of salvation.


The plan started 4000 years ago when God called a man named Abram (later named Abraham). Abraham was obedient to God’s call and he and his descendants formed the structure of a nation God wanted to use as an example of kings and priests to other nations around them.


As a condition this family, now called Israel, made a covenant to obey God and receive certain blessings as a nation, and to be God’s people.


God made the Old Covenant with Israel. (you can read this in Exodus 24: 1-18)


So why was a New Covenant made and how does it relate to Christians today?

We go into more detail, and reveal some very exciting discoveries, in our main study here: Secret of the Covenants


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