Deuteronomy Overview (Chart 5)

Book of Deuteronomy:

Deuteronomy is a book that once again talks about a covenant. It is at the end of Israel's wanderings. This Covenant, which includes the Ten Commandments, is delivered by Moses on the plains of Moab (Deut 29:1), forty years after the original Covenant was given by God at Mt Sinai.

This book also talks about the appointment of Joshua, conditions for blessings and cursings, and Moses' passing.

This book reveals some fascinating insights which will appear as the study progresses.

Deuteronomy Chart 5 Pt 1
Deuteronomy Chart 5 Pt2

Numbers Overview (Chart 4)

Book of Numbers:

The book of numbers charts the journey of the Israelites from Sinai to the promised land. Events recorded during their travels include - the mission of the spies; Korah's rebellion; various encounters with adjourning nations, and the Holy Days restated.

The final chapter finds the nation of Israel camped at the Jordan ready to enter the promised land having received boundaries from God.

Numbers overview chart 4 part 1
Numbers Overview Chart 4 part 2

Exodus 20 – 23 (Chart 2)

Chart 2: Exodus chapters 20 - 23 in detail (we will be referring to this section of Exodus in the main Study)

We have presented an overview of the events in the whole book of Exodus in Chart 1, Now we need to see where the Covenant, given on Mt Sinai is recorded. In Exodus chapter 19 it describes how it was delivered, but the actual Old Covenant, including the 10 Commandments, is written in Exodus chapters 20 to 23, and then ratified in chapter 24 (verse 8).

It is important to note that the 10 Commandments are a part of the Old Covenant - in fact it introduces the Covenant.

Exodus Chart 2 Part 1
Exodus Chart 2 Part 2

The First Five Books of the Bible in a Nut Shell

A quick overview of the first five books ....

To help you to understand the story of each book, a Bible Commentary can be used to get an overview of the contents - for the purposes of this study we have used the 'New English Commentary: Revised' as a guide to explain the times and events, broken up into chapters, of Israel's journey from Bondage to the Promised Land.

(For this study we are focusing on just four of the books listed below. To see a more detailed overview, and corresponding chart, click on the highlighted links.)

  • GENESIS - God's plan for mankind and promise to Abram for the future.
  • EXODUS - A nation called to be an example
  • LEVITICUS - Setting up the rules for nation under God
  • NUMBERS - The trip, including events along the way
  • DEUTERONOMY - Preparing to enter, and a guide to the Promised Land